Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and the brand has a very strong position among truck owners as well as drivers. Recently Scania wanted to reinforce their position within the long-haulage segment. LEON took on the challenge, from finding the right idea and concept to producing the multi-channeled solutions.

The assignment demanded a bolder and more unique visual expression within the brand frame. Scania wanted an internationally functional message and imagery powerful enough to communicate regardless of media channel.

After a deep dive in the soul and business of Scania, LEON had a knowledge base solid enough to communicate both brand and benefit to Scania’s customers in a striking manner. The imagery was simplified, the tone of voice sharpened and the drama intensified. The dormant emotional values were sought out and brought to the surface. As a result a communication platform, built on long-term strategy with possibilities for tactical campaigns, was presented. LEON took charge of the whole chain, from strategy and idea to multi-channel production.

Scania är en av världens ledande tillverkare av lastbilar. Nu vill man ytterligare stärka sin position inom segmentet lastbilar för fjärrtrafik. Leon tog ett helhetsgrepp från idé till multikanalsproduktion.
Ansvar: Design, webbgrafik, illustrationer, ikoner samt flashanimationer. Kampanjen kompletterades med en kalkylator för bränsleförbrukning.
Ansvar: Layout, design och webbgrafik.